MB7INP is an Analogue Voice Gateway located in the village of Letterston in north Pembrokeshire (approx 10 miles NNW of Haverfordwest and 5 miles south of Fishguard).


The gateway is connected to Echolink so please allow a few second between overs to allow internet uses to break-in. This is due to the network delay of approx 2 seconds.


As well as requiring a CTCSS tone of 94.8Hz on RX the CTCSS tone is also present on TX so you can use tone SQL but bare in mind that anyone who finds your QSO while scanning may not be aware you are using tone SQL.


The gateway will respond to DTMF tones allowing access to any available node on Echolink but please disconnect once you have finished your QSO using # on your keypad. For more details on DTMF please refer to the DTMF page.

Please use responsibly and respect other operators.

To listen to a live stream from the gateway click here!

(There is about a 5 second delay to the stream)